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Community Murals

La Misma Luna
Richardson Family Park - It Takes A Village
Endangered Species - Mural Restoration
The Boyle Heights Mural Pilot Program

Community based murals are done for non-profit organizations, government and civic entities, or for institutions. While much of our work is spray can based, many murals are painted with brush or other mediums based on the project. These projects involve working with city agencies, architects, neighborhood councils, youth groups and the community where the mural or art project will be installed.

Our experience and ability to produce great art has its roots in the community. ICU Art artists are as ethnically diverse as the many communities in which we paint. ICU Art’s ability to research the history and soul of a community helps develop mural ideas and concepts that give a community a fresh outlook that is unique and inspiring. We have extensive mural restoration experience and we offer many effective techniques and strategies for mural maintenance and vandalism protection.