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Paint Factory

Paint Factory
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Art Exhibition

Show will now be up until April 2nd!
Saturday, March 12th 2011

Alta Lofts 200 N. San Fernando Road Los Angeles, CA 90031

Artists Include: Axis, Swank, Cre8, Toons, Taz, Dytch, Asylm, Siner, Man One, Robbie Conal, Eye, Risk, Mear, Relic, Miner, Duke, Haste, Keo, Duce, Sano, Tyer, Vyal, Kym, Steven Lopez, Sen, Sonji, Spurn, Flewnt, Putos, Sand, Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez, Rick Ordoñez

Presented by: I.C.U. Art
Curated by Stash Maleski & Jeanna Penn

Music & refreshments provided

Live Art Auction Benefiting the Venice Art Walls from 8:00 to 8:30PM

rsvp required
send to: jeanna@icuart.com
come early for free secure parking

For more information on the exhibition contact:
Jeanna Penn jeanna@icuart.com (310) 359-5108

Exhibition Hours
Noon – 5PM Wed - Sunday

Exhibition Statement
Los Angeles is a like a Paint Factory for street artists. With hundreds of artists producing high quality work, LA has had a dramatic influence on art throughout world.

This exhibition at Alta Lofts is in a building that was formerly used as the Fuller Paint Factory. This gritty and industrial neighborhood of historic Lincoln Heights is just east of downtown LA and the LA River. With many old factories and historic homes, this neighborhood is experiencing a rebirth. It is a fitting spot to showcase some of the most inspirational and vibrant art that is being produced in Los Angeles today.

Featuring work on canvas by some of LA’s most influential young artists, this will be an important show for LA Street Art.

for more information on the Alta Lofts:

27 fine art Gicleé prints by Risk One We’re excited to announce that Paint Factory’s opening reception will be the official release of 27 limited edition Gicleé prints from Risk One’s “Twenty-Six” letters series. “Twenty-Six” was Risk’s first solo show hosted by Track 16 Gallery in 2008. The show celebrated his enduring career as an artist as well as his love of the artform. He generously donated his “V” canvas to the 2009 Venice Art Walls Benefit Art Auction. The limited edition prints include each letter of the alphabet along with a 27th print collage of the entire series.

I.C.U. Art – In Creative Unity (ICU Art)
ICU Art is a West Coast art production company specializing in murals, art exhibitions and scenic design produced by graffiti artists. Working with some of the most talented spray can artists, ICU Art first began curating large-scale graffiti art exhibitions in Los Angeles in 1993. As an advocate for street artists and muralists, ICU Art works as an intermediary between graffiti artist, muralists and various government agencies in an effort to defend the rights of artists to paint murals and express themselves. With artists in cities all around the United States, ICU Art designs and paints murals for a wide range of clients. Stash Maleski is the Director of ICU Art, and Jeanna Penn is Project Coordinator.

The Venice Art Walls
As the Curator of the Venice Art Walls, ICU Art issues free permits to artists to paint on the walls on weekends. The Venice Art Walls is one of the nations most well known graffiti art parks and has been a legal graffiti art park since 2000. Prior to that, the area was part of the Venice Pavilion as was know as the “Venice Graffiti Pit.” Allow though it was illegal to paint on the walls prior to 2000, the area was a world reknowned graffiti yard for at least twenty-five year. ICU Art helped to organize the effort to save the walls from removal in 1999, and was asked by the City of Los Angles to manage the site for the city. ICU Art manages this non-profit program as a service to the graffiti artist of Los Angeles and the people of Venice. www.veniceartwalls.com

cover art “Burner” by Swank One
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