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The backdrops shown were created for the “red” carpet and Press Preview for Fox’s Teen Choice at Universal Amphitheater in 2007. The awards ceremony had an “Ecco Theme” that year, and we did our part by using recycled billboard vinyl to create the backdrops. The “red”’ carpet was actually green grass. We will further recycle the backdrops by painting over them for a future project. Cre8 did the design, which simply says “Teen Choice.” We used a hand cut stencil for the repeated “FOX” logo to make sure that the brand was featured in the background of any photos of celebrities. The colorful backdrops were a great success, and were prominently featured in a large number of periodicals with various celebrities in front of them. The unique design and bright colors made the event stand-out from the crowd of simple and bland red carpet backdrops that are often used for events such as this.